Wetley's eco-warriors warm Romania

In mid-2014 St John's Church of England Primary School at Wetley Rocks in Staffordshire contacted FARA with a generous offer. The school has a very active ECO Club which looks for ways in which the children can help the local community and the global community. The subject of knitting came up at one meeting and it was clear that some of the 9 - 11 year olds could knit and others were willing to learn. St John's is not a large school but the children were still able to enrol family and friends as co-opted eco warriors, as well as members of the wider community (the local “Sew and Grow” group kindly offered to sew the knitted squares into blankets).

The children then felt that they wanted the blankets to benefit people in other parts of the world who were less fortunate than themselves. After some internet research they discovered the fantastic work that FARA does and were keen to do what they could to help.

Fast forward to the end of the year and we're very pleased to report that the parcels of blankets have travelled over 2000 miles overland from England to the village of Bahna Arini in northeast Romania where they have been very gratefully received - just as a bitterly cold and snowy winter is sweeping into the region.

The pictures featured here show just how pleased the villagers were to accept these gifts. They were taken by Firutsa Pastrav, FARA's Programme Director for Rural Development, who passes on the thanks of the village families to the children of St John's and their teacher Justin Clarke.