2015 Appeal Launched


FARA Shops are raising the roof on poverty!

The village of Bahna Arini in Suceava District is in the very rural and remote northeast of Romania where economic opportunities and infrastructure are limited. Bahna Arini’s children in particular, are affected by its high unemployment, alcoholism, domestic violence and family breakup caused by work migration. Not surprisingly, the school dropout rate, beginning at primary school level, is very high. Yet every year of education means that the chances of a child ending up in poverty reduce by 5%.

FARA’s mission in Bahna Arini is to break the poverty cycle by encouraging pupils to stay in school - tackling poverty through education. It wants to make sure that all children grow up with the essential skills and knowledge they need in order to improve their lives.

FARA's incentives to education are in the form of food (a daily nutritious hot meal – for most of the children this is their only meal that day). FARA also organises after-school classes where children are given extra tuition and helped with their homework.

Now FARA plans to go one step further. We will literally Raise the Roof on Poverty by providing targeted support to whole families so that they can improve their homes. This could mean putting on a proper roof, mending windows, or adding heating. Or it might involve supplying them with essential equipment - for example, a working cooker - to improve their quality of living.

FARA Shops are spearheading the 2015 Raise the Roof on Poverty appeal. They have set a target for the year of £15,000. To make a donation, just click below:

FARA Shops Raise the Roof Appleal