All's in place for 2015 Appeal

'At the beginning of May we took the first steps in our house renovation programme: organising the building materials. The main things we need are yellow clay, wood, straw and water. Since water is so scarce we are having to bring it to the village in a fire-engine and store it in big tanks.

One of our first steps will be to help the Putavai family. Their property, which is near to collapse, is home to three generations. Our plan is to build a new house for the children and their parents and build a new room for the grandparents in the old house.’

Firuta also tells us that local officials are now eager to assist FARA. The mayor is checking the wells to investigate how the water supply can be improved and a local architect is donating his services for free. Even the local church is getting involved – as Firuta tells us:

‘When we gave Father Pimen a tour of Bahna Arini (pictured below - Ed) we introduced him to a local family who were desperately trying to sell two pigs. He was so moved that he gave them the money on the spot and passed on the pigs to a local nursing home.’

The local church has also now offered to supply all the wood needed to reconstruct the village's houses.

You can donate to the appeal by clicking on the link below:

FARA Shops 2015 Appeal