Baia pupils go back to school

For parents of children in FARA’s Tackling Poverty through Education programme the start of each school year is a stressful time. Family budgets are strained by the cost of uniforms, shoes and schoolbags. And for many mothers and fathers there is the additional challenge of helping children with their homework when their own education is at little more than primary level.

Yet despite the obstacles, families are eager for their sons and daughters to receive the best possible start in life. For example, in the village of Baia 22 children have just been newly enrolled at FARA’s day-centre, swelling the number attending to 80. With the chance to enjoy a full day of schooling for the first time, we wish them all a happy school year and the best possible results.

Welcome to school! says the blackboard. And next to it, in the right-hand corner, is the classroom stove - essential in an area where daytime winter temperatures regularly drop to minus 20.