Baia children take a first step away from poverty


The small rural community of Baia in Suceava County has a well-equipped kindergarten. But many parents send their children attend only infrequently, or not at all. Some children may not even be aware they are missing out, or may have heard about the kindergarten only through older siblings who attend the village school.

Now FARA has found a great way to improve matters. We have identified of the poorest 20 children in need of pre-school education and provided them with food and clothing. The new clothes mean they don’t have to feel ashamed when mixing with other children. The food is in the form of a small lunch package which they can enjoy each day they attend.

All this may seem a small step. But a child attending kindergarten has set out on a road that leads on to elementary school, middle school and – if they are able – high school. In other words: they are tackling poverty through education!