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In this testimonial Nydes Ishiwatari describes his remarkable journey from a state orphanage to a new life in Japan. We are happy to say that the girlfriend he mentions is now his wife and that he is working full-time in Japan.

I met Mrs. Jane Nicholson, Chairman of FARA, and Mrs. Irina Anchidin, Director of FARA Charity Suceava, in 1997 when I was in an orphanage in Romania. At that time I was in my first year of high school and was introduced to FARA by Child Protection General Director Laurentian Ulici to see if the charity could help with my needs.

During my high school and university studies FARA provided me with financial assistance and moral support, encouraging me keep my dream alive about a better life in the future.

After I graduated from university I became a physiotherapist and worked with disabled children at the orphanage in Gura Humorului, Suceava, Romania for 18 months. The children made a lot of positive progress which opened up new opportunities for me.

Mrs. Jane Nicholson recommended me to Robin Nydes, a Chairman of UK Charity FRODO (now Humanitas) to work with a toddler suffering from arthrogryposis who was to travel to London for surgery. I accepted his offer to work with this child, both before and after surgery, during his time in the UK and in Romania. I had to work with the surgeon preparing the child for surgery on both of his feet in the hope that he could walk following recovery and ongoing therapy. I returned to Romania to continue post-operative physiotherapy with the child as well as working with other children with severe disabilities.

In 2008, after seeing my work with this child, Robin and Tilly Nydes invited me to come and live with them in London and work with their children. Now they consider me a part of their family. I visit them every year and have become a godfather to their youngest daughter, who was born in 2011.

Before and after my time in London I continued to use my physiotherapy skills whenever I could, helping disabled children at FARA and other child protection centres in Suceava and Cluj.

In 2009 I started to become interested in Japan. I began to visit the country and met a Japanese woman who became my girlfriend. In 2014 I moved to Japan to study the language, which was also an opportunity to try working privately as a physiotherapist in Tokyo with international families.