A letter from Dominica

As a resident at St Nicholas Family Home, Dominica was one of the first children to be cared for by FARA. When she grew up she moved into sheltered housing at St Mary’s Community Home. Recently she got married, and she wanted to share her sentiments in a short letter. What follows is a slightly shortened version.

‘I spent my childhood with the FARA Foundation, in St. Nicholas home. That time was like sunlight for me. I enjoyed living in the centre of Suceava I liked attending the Catholic Church there.

I got along very well with the other children and with the teacher who took care of me all those years. My best friend at St Nicholas was Lăcrămioara and we still keep in touch. She is like a sister to me.

After St. Nicholas I went to live in another house called St. Mary which I shared with three other girls. FARA’s Maria Vasiliu helped me find a job. I’d like to thank everyone who guided my life up to that time.

At the local church I met Andrei Ilie Hisum. He proposed to me and I accepted. My wedding was on July 3. I liked the day very much. I was very nervous, but it was nice because I was joined by the people from FARA who have supported me. Thank you all!’