Bikes bring joy at St Nicholas

The children of St. Nicholas Family Home in Suceava saw a dream come true last weekend. Each received the gift of a bicycle from JCI Suceava (part of the international Junior Chamber movement) as part of their annual ‘Bizz Bike - Business Bicycle’ event.

At last year’s event, each of the children was lent a bicycle for a week. This year JCI ran a local campaign encouraging people to donate old and discarded cycles and parts for refurbishment. The campaign clearly struck a chord with Suceava residents because it soon reached its target of 15 bikes.

The children received their bikes on the morning of the Bizz Bike tour of Suceava, which they were delighted to join. But imagine their happiness after the event when they realized they would be able to keep their gifts for good. They also each received a backpack, pump and helmet – in other words, they were 100% percent equipped!