Therapy Centres

FARA Charity runs three therapy centres for children, one in Bucharest and two in the Suceava district in the North east of Romania. Each centre provides, free of charge, therapy and care for children with disabilities from poor families. The three centres each care for up to 80 children a week, providing physio, speech and sensory therapies for children with a range of learning difficulties and disabilities including children on the autistic spectrum of whom there are many in Romania.

In Romania children with disabilities are unable to access main stream education. FARA Charity offers a lifeline to families who would be isolated and unable to access support for their children and themselves without the care given at the therapy centres. Our therapy centres work with families to develop the children’s abilities and support them with their care and development so many are able to attend main stream kindergarten and school. FARA Charity works with schools to ensure understanding and support continues for the children and they can go on to lead a fulfilled life.

Our services and therapies are adapted to each child's needs and can include: group activities, one-to-one educational activities, support for children with autism, socialising, art therapy, sensory therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy and family guidance support.

Only 28% of children with disabilities in Romania receive any education
- Unicef

FARA’s therapy centres, a lifeline for families unable to access essential care

Life at Our Therapy Centres

Thanks to the outstanding results obtained by FARA's specialist staff and the partnerships signed with local doctors and authorities, our Therapy Centres are gaining an enviable reputation with increasingly more parents requesting its support for their children. We work with the universities and have students on placement learning from our skilled teams of therapists, ensuring the high standards of care for children with disabilities in Romania being modelled at our centres continues to develop and spread to other areas of the care system.

However, FARA is one of very few organisations in Romania to offer therapeutic services for those who don’t have the means to pay for private or state care. All activities are carried out in close collaboration with the social services and local government but we only receive 4.3% of the funding for these programmes from the state. To continue providing such a vital resource to the most deprived in Romania and give children every chance of a fulfilled life with their families we really need your support. There is a long waiting list for those who require our help. We need more funds to bring these services to many more children.

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