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Our latest documentary was made to mark our 25th anniversary in 2016:

The climax of our anniversary celebrations was a trip to Bucharest for children in FARA's care in northeast Romania - involving a round trip of around 600 miles. The following video shows some of the exciting events the children enjoyed, ending with a ballet performance of Jack and the Beanstalk at Bucharest Children's Opera.

And here's a lovely short promotion made by FARA's Romanian staff in 2015. It gets to the heart of what FARA is about:

The next four movies give a short introduction to some of our landmark projects.

A visit to one of our community projects:

A visit to the Emmanuel Centre in Suceava:

A visit to St Joseph's in Suceava County:

A visit to St Gabriel's Family Home in Bucharest:

Other interesting videos

Here is an interview which took place in August 2015 in which FARA's outgoing director in Romania, Cornelia Mihaescu, reflects on her time with the charity:

This video gives a guided tour of the improvements FARA is making to homes in the village of Bahna Arini in Suceava County, northeast Romania. It was shot by a local volunteer in autumn 2015.