Family homes

Through our small family homes we currently give 21 vulnerable or neglected children a loving and supportive family which they would otherwise never have.

FARA runs two purpose-built residential homes for children aged 3–21 years: St. Nicholas’ in Suceava and St. Gabriel’s in Bucharest. Each home offers accommodation for 12 children.

The majority of children are referred to FARA by Romania’s social services, typically because of parental neglect. A small minority come from the country’s remaining state institutions. Many continue to be traumatised by their past experiences and most of have psychological and behavioural problems.

Love, individual support, healthcare, therapy and education are an integral part of FARA’s care programmes.

The children grow up in FARA’s family homes until they finish their education. They are offered preparation (including training) for a future in which they can live independently and each home maintains close links with the local community. We continue to follow the children's progress when they have left FARA’s care. In fact, the children stay in touch with the home and its staff just as they would with parents, brothers and sisters in their birth family.

'Everything that I am now is due to FARA and I always pray for their kindness'

Juliana, St Gabriel’s

You can find out more about St Gabriel's in the following short video.