Residential training for young adults

FARA's residential training centres offer short-term hostel accommodation to young people from deprived backgrounds - for example, institutions and broken homes - and help them access the training and work they need in order to live independently.

"First I want to thank you for everything you did for me over the past two years. I am very pleased I found out about the FARA Foyer, where I’ve learnt many things I didn’t know. Now I’m going to put them into practice and follow the plan I agreed. Thank you all once again. I’m looking forward to seeing all my Foyer friends at my wedding in October."

Florin Ursan

FARA currently runs two Foyer centres. The first to open, Satu Mare Foyer, is in northwest Romania. The other, which opened in 2016 as St Francis Foyer, is in Bucharest. A third centre is scheduled to open in spring 2017 in Suceava in the rural northeast.

Each centre is accredited by the international Foyer Federation. Foyer centres originated in France over a century ago (the term ‘foyer’ is French for ‘hearth’). They have since become established in many countries, including the UK, Australia, Ireland, the US, the Netherlands and Germany. Foyer accreditation assures the quality of FARA's centres and demonstrates that they conform to the Federation's very high standards of training and care.

The two centres each provide residential places and support for up to 17 young people aged 18 to 26. Accommodation is in the form of furnished rooms with a communal lounge and cooking facilities. There is also plenty of outside space for recreation and gardening, and each week all the young people get together for a shared meal.

During a stay of up to two years, each young person follows an individual development plan under the guidance of a dedicated member of staff. Their plan helps them to tackle issues such as personal financial management, nutrition and cooking, assertiveness, emotional intelligence, work skills and finding and maintaining a tenancy.

Residents are also helped to find and retain a job - with remarkably successful results. On average almost 70% of the young people leaving the Foyers find employment.

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