We believe that, like the best parenting, the care we provide must address the whole person. We therefore take a holistic approach, seeking to address the needs of children and young people at every level: social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

We promote the acceptance of each child and young person as an individual by their peers, by the wider community and by society as a whole.

We promote inclusiveness, underpinned by our conviction that every child and young person has a part to play in society and should be accorded love and respect as a uniquely gifted individual.

We believe that the deepest need of our children and young people is to experience genuine love as part of a stable family, where spiritual, social and material needs are generously nurtured.

Whatever the present challenges, we maintain a firm hope for a future where everyone’s potential can be fulfilled and where the experience of a loving and supportive upbringing is sustained in adult life by the wider structures of family and society.