27 February 2018
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Hostel Success Story

Congratulations and good luck to Adrian as we bid him a fond farewell!

Adrian Fulop has spent two years in one of our FARA Hostels, he is now ready to brave the outside world and live an independent life – we are all so proud of him. Congratulations and good luck to Adrian as we bid him a fond farewell!

“First of all, I'd like to thank you for all the support you've given me these two years!!!! Thanks to you, today I'm an accomplished man with a smile on my lips. You opened my eyes and put me back on track. Thanks to the entire foundation staff, Mrs Carmen, Mrs Dana, Mrs Erika and not least Mr Flaviu.”

In our hostels staff meet many talented young people and are able to offer guidance in their ambitions. After arriving at the hostel Adrian discovered a passion for hairdressing, with support from staff he took on a part time job in order to afford specialised training. Adrian now hopes to open his own business one day, but in the meantime he offers his hairdressing services to homeless people and adults with disabilities.

"Adi is a real example of what it means to give a second chance to somebody and if that somebody takes that chance it can be a rebirth.” Carmen Pop

FARA Hostels offer life skills mentoring and accommodation to young people from institutions and broken homes. During their time with FARA the young people learn to live as part of a community sharing living space, kitchens and household duties. The young people learn to respect and support each other, and so they develop their emotional skills as well as their more practical skills.

Personal mentors work closely with the young people to help them on their journeys by giving advice and creating a personal development plan so each young person can build a new life, while tackling the issues which resulted in them being in a position of hardship and need. Their plan helps them to learn life skills such as personal financial management, cooking, assertiveness, work skills and finding and maintaining employment and ultimately independent residency.

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