26 March 2018
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Silviu’s story

FARA Therapy Centre offers a lifeline to a mother and her son

Silviu was 3 and had just been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) when his mother brought him to one of the FARA Therapy Centres. In Romania having a child with disabilities can be isolating, there is a stigma attached and for those on a low income there is little hope of any support. Luckily Silviu’s mother found FARA:

"From the day I received a diagnosis I made a decision to seek solutions as soon as possible for my child. I needed a helping hand, it was not given by anyone else but by the FARA team.”
Silviu arrived as a small boy frustrated with his inability to communicate with those around him, and lashing out, his mother was beginning to lose hope. With the help of the FARA therapists and health care professionals he is progressing well, greeting the staff and other children with a friendly smile.

"At FARA I found a whole package of understanding, goodwill, respect, hope, conviction, support and help. In a word happiness for my child and myself.

"Those at the FARA therapy centre taught me that when I really want something for my child, to fight for his rights, to help him, and never to give up on a road that I have just started, on a dream that, due to many people, will become reality; the hope that ‘my child will be fine’. Thank you very much for your enormous contribution to the well-being of my child, to fulfilling a child's dream of understanding and being understood by those around him."
Silviu's mother

We are appealing for donations to help us open a NEW Therapy Centre in Bucharest.- with your help FARA Charity provides the potential to transform children's futures.


Blog written by - FARA Charity Head Office

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