09 April 2018
- Romania News

A warm welcome to British Ambassador Paul Brummell

The British Ambassador visits our FARA Therapy Centre

The staff and children at the Emanuel Therapy Centre in Suceava, Northern Romania, were delighted to welcome British Ambassador Paul Brummell and his family to the centre on Friday April 6th. The Ambassador has been a longtime supporter of the charity and was greeted with a traditional offering of bread and salt.

The Brummell family took part in the Easter celebrations with the children, Friday was a national holiday in Romania as it marks the orthodox Good Friday. The Ambassador chatted with parents and was able to watch a therapy session in action. To mark the occasion the children gave My Brummell a basket of beautifully decorated eggs and a traditional towel.

We are appealing for funds for a new Therapy Centre in Bucharest, widening our reach helping children with complex needs. Find our more here.

Photography by Mihaela Oprisan.

Blog written by - FARA Charity Head Office

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