10 April 2018
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David's Story

David and his mother access vital support

When David arrived at the FARA Therapy Centre he had recently received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, his mother felt very confused and was searching for information;

"At first I had some reservations because I did not know what would happen and had trouble accepting the diagnosis. In the following weeks, David was assessed and he started therapy at St. Theresa's. When he entered the programme, David was extremely limited in language, he knew nothing (I did not know how to help him). In the first two months David learnt the different colours and geometric shapes. I have been taught how to help him and how to work with him at home.”
David’s mother

Since attending the therapy centre David has developed skills in empathising, establishing connections between information, and developing appropriate relationships with children and adults around him.

"It has been more than 2 years since we first arrived at the centre and David is making good progress. He is now attending a kindergarten, he likes to go to playgrounds and knows a lot of things: the alphabet, can read brief sentences, knows about himself and his family members, he knows the days of the week, the months, the seasons, the syllables in words, and can make short sentences. This is primarily due to the FARA therapists. We are grateful and thank the team at the St. Theresa Centre, we know that how David is today is primarily due to them"

David's mother.

We are appealing for donations to help us open a NEW therapy centre in Bucharest, helping more people like David and his mother. Read more here.

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