01 August 2018
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Back to School Appeal 2018

Help break the cycle of rural poverty and keep children in school

Over the summer we are raising money for our Tackling Poverty Through Education programme, an outreach project across six rural schools in Northern Romania, promoting education as a way out of poverty.

Donate to our BACK TO SCHOOL APPEAL and help us support children out of poverty into a brighter future!

“Children most at risk of school dropout are: from poor families, Roma communities, rural areas and children with disabilities.”

Education and poverty are crucially interrelated; providing an environment where children can learn important skills is a vital step in raising children out of a life of poverty. At present Romania has a high percentage of children living in poverty and dropping out of school, this is not a good combination.

“Early school leaving, low educational attainment and limited connection between skills gained in education and the labour market remain heavy problems in Romania.”
2017 Eurochild Report on the European Semester

FARA Charity supports children to stay in school - with your help we can do more!

The cost of Tackling Poverty Through Education

Week of school meals £6

Equipped backpack £13
Week of after school clubs £3

To find out more about the Tackling Poverty Through Education programme click here.


Blog written by - FARA Charity Head Office

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