12 December 2018
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Making a difference to young lives

Help us help more people like Daniela

When she turned 18, Daniela left the FARA Family Home St. Gabriel and joined the Prevention of Youth Homelessness programme. Daniela has been in the programme for almost one year.

Where do you think you would be now if you did not live at the hostel in the Prevention of Youth Homelessness programme?


“I probably would have spent money, which I do not have anyway, on rent. I probably would not have graduated from high school and would certainly have given up any dream I have, just to work bad jobs for wretched salaries, and in deplorable conditions, just to live day by day, and like many young people leaving the system, I would most likely ended up on the streets.

Here I have the chance to grow up, to enter into adulthood with care, without any hurry, to make a plan for the future, and when I go out into the big bad world, to be ready for everything. Maybe even change it into a serene and beautiful world.

It's sad when you think about it, a warm and encouraging environment can change the way you approach the adult life, and yet there are so many young people who did not have such a thing and now live on the streets or worse... I'm lucky. I really am.”

You can help us help more people like Daniela by supporting our Giving Hope at Christmas Appeal.

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