03 June 2019
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Family Support Appeal

Keeping families together!

Today we launch our Family Support Appeal, widening our reach to help families stay together, to prevent family breakdown, to support families in creating a stable, loving environment in which children and parents feel safe and happy, in which they can all develop and prosper.

Family life can be difficult, whatever the pressures, but a family life lived in poverty can be devastating, help us keep families together...

Family Support - a NEW programme development with a holistic approach, providing crucial individual support plans for vulnerable families in Romania at risk of having their children taken in to care


To keep families together

To prevent children going into the care system

To break the inter-generational cycle of poverty, to tackle both child and adult poverty in the same household


Children and their families living in and on the poverty line




Remote villages in the rural Suceava district in the north of Romania


With your support we can send the FARA team out into the community, working with families to identify need and solutions, and to assist with:

- parenting skills training - household support - psychological support - school attendance support -access to benefits - access to medical care

The 3 main cause for children being separated from their family and entering public care are poverty, abuse and neglect, and disability.

World Bank 2015

1 in every 2 children in rural areas lives in poverty.

World Bank 2015


Blog written by - FARA Charity Head Office

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