How We Work

In Romania today, despite steps towards changing the care system, many vulnerable social groups continue to face extreme poverty, social exclusion and discrimination.

Families living in poverty lack support leaving the children susceptible to school dropout and or being placed in care and the poverty cycle continues; young adults are leaving state institutions without crucial life skills, at risk of social exclusion and homelessness; children with disabilities are unable to access vital life-changing therapies and education, and adults with learning disabilities do not receive important holistic care.

FARA collaborates with like-minded NGOs to form a bigger voice as part of the mission to transform the lives of marginalized children and young people from Romania’s poorest communities. As members of Eurochild we are in the working group looking at the de-institutionalisation process, finding workable alternative care solutions. With a focus on prevention programmes in communities to avoid children being placed in care, to help keep families together. FARA contributes to Eurochild by sharing our knowledge gained over 26 years working on the ground in Romania.

In partnership with DePaul International, FARA plans to develop what we offer to Young Adults at Risk, to widen our reach supporting care-leavers. Working from a common ethos we will be sharing knowledge on preventing homelessness and collaborating to get more children and young people at risk off the streets and out of poverty.

FARA Charity fulfils its mission in Romania with funds raised predominantly in the UK, we advocate towards the Romanian government to support its people and help fund our work and to change policies to make a real impact of the lives of its citizens.

Key Data

The three main causes for children being separated from their family and entering public care are poverty, abuse and neglect, and disability.
World Bank 2015

Children most at-risk of school dropout are: from poor families, Roma communities, rural areas and children with disabilities.’
Quality Inclusive Education Package, Unicef

In 2016 49.2% of children in Romania were at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

Approximately 5,000 children leave institutional care each year, being vulnerable and risking poverty and/or social exclusion.
Unicef and Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sports, 2015-2020

Homelessness has turned chronic in the last two decades.
Unicef and Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sports, 2015-2020

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