Our therapy centres offer parents a lifeline of fresh hope for their children's future    

Our residential training centres give young adults the skills they need for lifelong employment        

Our community homes help damaged and disabled young people reach their full potential    

Our education and social support programmes provide lasting solutions to rural deprivation          

Our small family homes offer traumatised and vulnerable children security and love  

Make a difference! Become a FARA child sponsor today!      

Your donation can bring joy to the children and young people in our care      

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Introducing FARA

FARA provides a loving family life for some of Romania's most vulnerable and neglected children. Based in Bucharest and two rural areas we provide:

• family-style homes

specialist therapy programmes

special-needs education

in-school support programmes.

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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to transform the lives of some of Romania's poorest and most vulnerable children and young people.

Our vision is of a world in which all children and young people, whatever their social status, ethnicity or religion, grow up with freedom and dignity in a loving, protective environment.

You can make a vital contribution to FARA's mission by giving to our 2015 Raising the Roof on Poverty appeal.

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Each life saved is a miracle, for these are children who were lost, as if they never existed.

Latest News

  • A new beginning for the children of Baia

    Posted Feb 08, 2016 by superuser

    This year, thanks to FARA a total of 24 children from families with no form of income will have an extra chance to create a better future. A third programme to increase school attendance is is about to open in the village of Baia, southwest of Suceava.

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  • Happy Birthday Marian

    Posted Jan 30, 2016 by superuser

    Marian, from St Joseph's home, recently celebrated his 29th birthday - in true local style!

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  • A moving testimonial

    Posted Jan 04, 2016 by faranews

    Virma Barcsa joined the FARA family as a four-year old in 1998. At a gathering at St Nicholas Family Home on St Nicholas Day she gave a memorable and moving testimonial to her time with FARA.

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