Vulnerable Children

Our family homes have helped 60 children grow and embark on new lives.

We provide vulnerable and disadvantaged children with a loving and supportive family life. The children are referred to FARA by Romania’s social services, typically because of extreme poverty. With the current focus in Romania on the closure of the notorious state institutions – the Romanian Government’s target is to close all institutions by 2022 – and a paucity of foster carers FARA foresees a growing need for Family Homes.

In our two purpose-built homes, St. Nicholas’ in Suceava and St. Gabriel’s in Bucharest, the young children are given as normal a family life as possible, helping with household chores and learning to cook and care for each other. The needs of each individual are understood and cared for, this can include extra tuition or specialist therapies.

Many of the children have been traumatised by their past experiences and come to FARA with psychological and behavioural problems. Being given love and care unconditionally, living in a secure environment where they know they will never again go to bed cold and hungry, they are supported in the healing of past trauma. Attention is paid to personal development with social and spiritual guidance to live fulfilled lives.

At 18 years old, as in a conventional family, the children start to move towards independent living. FARA Charity continues to support the children in their chosen direction whether it be into further education and University or finding employment and being able to support themselves financially.

The children cared for by FARA over the years have stayed in contact with FARA and know they can always ask for help and support throughout their life, they really do feel part of the FARA family.

“Everything I am now is due to FARA and I always pray for their kindness”
- a St Gabriel’s child.

A Family When It Was Needed Most

For the first five years of his life Adrian lived with his father and siblings, their mother having left the family suffering from alcohol dependency problems. Living in serious poverty and with little support from elsewhere Adrian’s father sought the help of FARA. Adrian was welcomed into our St Nicholas Family Home, into a life where he was nurtured and began to shine.

Adrian enjoyed secondary school and was a keen member of the local sports club and Scouts where he participated in many local and national camps and helped coordinate events. He has grown into a friendly, funny and active young person, and now studies Silviculture at the University of Suceava. At present Adrian lives in a FARA home, when he finishes his studies he aims to find a job, a flat and begin his independent life. Through FARA Adrian has been offered possibilities, a chance to feel loved and secure, and the space to realise his hobbies and how he wants to live his life.

The FARA family will always be there for Adrian, throughout his life, it is an unconditional bond.

We wish Adrian good luck with his studies!

Adrian’s story is true, however his name has been changed to protect his privacy.

Over 8000 children remain in institutional care in Romania

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