FARA staff help following scalding drama

fara staff help following scalding drama3

Cornelia Mihaescu, FARA’s who directs FARA in Romania, explains FARA’s involvement in a bid to help a little girl after a very serious domestic accident. We hope to have more news of little Beatrice in the New Year.

Nicoleta was part of the FARA family at St. Nicholas from the time it opened in 1997. After she graduated from high school she got married and three years ago her daughter Beatrice was born. Both Nicoleta and her husband have jobs but their income is not very big (Nicoleta works in three shifts at a paper factory).

In January this year, little Beatrice fell into a large pot of water which was heating on a stove, and then tried to stand up by putting her hands in the scalding water. When Nicoleta found her she didn’t know what to do and covered Beatrice in fabric, which made the scalds even worse. Both of the child’s hands, her buttocks and her left leg were affected.

Mother and child were in hospital for more then a month but Suceava is not the best place for such difficult burns. When I saw Beatrice the burns looked horrible and she couldn’t open her hands. However, two weeks ago she was able to attend a plastic surgery and burns clinic for children and was seen by Professor Dan Enescu, one of the best specialists in eastern Europe. Professor Enescu carried out scar revision surgery on Beatrice’s left hand and in January will operate on the right one.

Update April 2014

Following her specialist medical attention in Bucharest Beatrice is now able to move her fingers again (she can even hold a pencil to write). A huge thank you to FARA's donors for making this happy ending possible!