One successful secondment!

one successful secondment

Iuliana Lapadat, who became part of the FARA community at St Gabriels in 1992, has just sent us this fascinating account of her recent visit to the UK. Thank you Iuliana, for all your help at FARA’s Notting Hill shop.

My name is Iuliana Lapadat. I’m 21 years old and I’m in my last year at university in Romania where I have been studying Communications and Public Relations. This summer I spent some time in England working at a FARA shop.

When I landed at Luton airport I was a little scared because I thought I’d get lost going by myself to Jane Nicholson’s house. But in the end I asked some people and managed to arrive at my destination on time and safely. Staying at Jane’s house was a privilege for me. On Saturday I went back to London with Jane’s daughter to stay at her house with her husband and her children Penny and Douglas.

At the beginning I was afraid of starting work. I thought that I wouldn’t manage to do the job and to understand everything that I’d have to do. Sasha was the first person that I met from FARA. She took me to the Notting Hill shop and introduced me to Chris, Sam and a volunteer called Mo. Zane was missing, she was in holiday. From the first moment, Chris, Sam and Mo accepted me and helped me. Next day I met Zane and I started to feel at home. In a few days I felt that I had been a part of that family for a long time. Working with the staff at the shop was fun, amazing and a pleasure.

One day I visited Notting Hill Kids shop and for two days I worked with two Polish girls. I also spent a weekend with my sponsor Caroline. She and her family were warm and good people.

Simone Drake, one of the directors of FARA Shops, offered me a day that I’ll never forgot. We started by visiting the shops’ head office and then I had time to visit some of London’s most important attractions like Big Ben, the London Eye, the National Gallery, Tower Bridge and London Bridge.

My stay in England was a good experience that I’d like to repeat. All the people I met made me feel as if I was part of their family and they became friends who I’ll never forget. I miss England and I’d like to say a big thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit England and to send all my love to the people who work for FARA. Thank you for making our life a better one and a lovely day. Everything that I am now is due to FARA and I always pray for their kindness.

Iuliana Lapadat