Choc charity teams up with FARA

FARA Charity is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by charity Choc4Change as one of its two beneficiaries.

Choc4Change aims to help and change the lives of underprivileged children and their families in Romania. The charity challenges people to give up chocolate for two weeks and donate the money they would have spent on chocolate to Choc4change. By doing this, they would be taking a chunk out of poverty. The challenge can be taken at any time of year and for any period of time. 

Choc4Change came about when the founder of the charity Madi Richardson, studied at the University of Bolton where Choc4Change become a product of her undergraduate third year final major project. A friend of Madi's, Abbie Ryding, came on board when  people encouraged Madi to set up the project for real. Choc4change has the vision of making young people become the heart of the change, giving young people the opportunity to engage in a campaign that will help them to see that their small donation can make a big difference to a child's life. 

Says Madi: ‘You can find more information on the Choc4Change website and decide on how you would like to get involved. You will also find a link where you will be able to donate to one or both of our charities. Bring a smile to an under privileged child's face and take up the challenge, it will be worth it!’

For anyone who would like to get involved and start saving, fundraising packs are available to purchase on a pre-order basis at the cost of £3.50 (inc p&p). See the website for details:

By the way …

The photo is one which inspired Madi. It shows young children from a Romanian family in the area of Barlad. It just emphasises the way in which Romanian children can find pleasure in life’s simple things, which people in richer countries, where luxuries are plentiful, tend to take for granted.