A fun-filled summer for FARA's children

Children at FARA’s homes and centres have been enjoying the warm sunshine and welcoming some very special guests.

St Gabriels' residents were recently visited by cookery blogger Brindusa Scheaua and shown how to prepare a picnic of cream cheese sandwitches, chocolate muffins and lemonade (with mint from the garden). It all took three hours to prepare but only 30 minutes to eat!

Meanwhile, some of St Nicholas’ children joined a Scout camp in the grounds of FARA’s holiday home in Cacica. A total of 37 scouts aged from 7 to 43 years shared ten tents and enjoyed outdoor games, treasure hunts, hiking and campfire songs.

Then there were birthdays. St Gabriel’s youngest resident, Gabi celebrated his fourth with presents and a cake, while at St Nicholas Cosmin turned 17 and Laurentiu 9.

Something fishy went on at the Emmanuel Centre as FARA’s children welcomed friends from a local kindergarten for a day spent making model aquariums – transforming blue dinner plates into seas full of pink fishes, pebbles and water plants.

And let’s not forget OAT Farm, where hard work is being rewarded by fine crops of ripening organic vegetables. These will soon be ready for their journey to the Cora supermarket in Bacau. Lucky customers!