A new home for St Nicholas

The Feast of St. Nicholas has special significance for FARA. The charity’s family home in Suceava, opened in 1997, bears the name of the saint, whose day marks the beginning of a specially joyful time of year for Romania’s children. And from this year, December 5 will be remembered as the day when the children of St. Nicholas moved into a new house.

The new home replaces St Nicholas’ original premises on Unirii Way which, renamed the Emmanuel Centre, now houses FARA’s fast-expanding drop-in child therapy programmes.

On the day of the move, each child packed their possessions and made the short journey to Luca Arbore Street. On reaching their destination the door was opened by FARA’s president Jane Nicholson who guided them to their new rooms. Each child was thrilled to find a personal message from Jane by their bed, welcoming them and urging them to extend the same warmth and hospitality to any children who joint them in the future.

Once the children had found their rooms and unpacked their belongings they all joined in a celebration meal where FARA staff welcomed them to their new home and wished them happiness and peace.