Wedding bells ring at Bahna Arini

We’ve already reported on the success of our house renovation campaign in the village of Bahna Arini. Now the families involved, mostly unmarried couples with children, are starting to breathe new life into their relationships. And FARA is supporting them along the way.

The two couples featured here, Tabitha and Viorel, Catalin and Aurica, had wanted to get married for a long time but were put off by the costs and paperwork. So FARA Foundation helped them to obtain the necessary certificates. Then, with local officials kindly offering their services for free, FARA staff provided transport to the local Orthodox church and even arranged for godparents to be present.

Then of course it was time for a little party, so the two newly weds and their guests went along to a local community centre to enjoy a meal arranged by FARA.

Catalin and Aurica have five children, three of whom are in the Tackling Poverty Through Education programme. Tabitha and Viorel have two children, a baby and a preschooler. To date five couples have been helped in this way by FARA and another four are planning to get married by Easter.